Twuriba Resort トゥリバ リゾート
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Reservation Guide|Twuriba Resort (トゥリバ リゾート)

Reservation guide of Miyako Island condo Twuriba Resort (resort to Riva). Please check how to make a reservation and cancellation policy when booking and cancellation.


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Reservation GuideReservation Guide

If the cancellation of the booking, please check below for booking and cancellation terms and conditions.

How to make a reservation

Please check availability, from the availability of the above.
Reservations are available at the accommodation plan you want. Reservations please book form. If you have any questions, do not hesitate email.

Cancellation Policy

Below is the hotel's official cancellation policy:

■No-show: reservation charge100%
■On the date of arrival: reservation charge100%
■One day prior to arrival: reservation charge100%
■15 days prior to arrival~: reservation charge50%
■30 days prior to arrival~: reservation charge20%

Certain policies may differ depending on one's night of stay

In addition, if not travel throughout cancellation fees apply.


1 Room 4 people to stay is possible.